Principal's Message

It is a matter of great honor for me to be appointed as the Principal of this grand Institution. I am delighted to be here with you. I am sure we will function as a happy family. My priorities would be to instill in you the habit of reading and to imbue you with those qualities of head and heart that would enable you to face the challenges of life. Good character, correct attitudes, and a heart full of compassion are the basic priorities.

    Character is the biggest asset. Attitude is the direction. We must strive to move in the direction of goodness. Wrong attitudes are easy to acquire,   check the negative tendencies. When you perceive those make a U-Turn. Never lose a sense of direction. We at APS&C Cobbe Lines are   committed to providing you a pleasant environment for multi-faceted growth. We are making sincere efforts to ensure that when students leave APS&C    Cobbe Lines, they are confident, caring young people, who are creative, inquisitive, and committed to performing well in their chosen field of study. The School provides ample opportunities for developing skills and efficacy in diverse fields.

We believe that School Management, Parents, and Teachers all have a vital role to play in shaping up the personalities of our youth. The Right Atmosphere, Timely Guidance, Well defined Curriculum, Co-Curricular Activities, Motivation, and Inspiration set the pace for sustained growth. Life is a gift of God and each and everyone must try to lead a fuller life. Self- 
discipline is a virtue that must be developed because without it achievements in life are not possible. Understand the Rules of life and work in harmony with those so that you are successful.I wish you all success and happiness in life.